MARRIED TO MY CHARME AND GRACE (hippy_boheme) wrote in placebo_love,

okay.. .dum did um

I read in the info page that you should give first some kinda introduction and here i am!!! oh well. nothing great i know
however... I love love love placebo. I listen to their songs now... since... about... uhmm... 5 years maybe. yeah i think so
it all started with (oh surprise surprise) "every you every me" and then it came off... I love them all. the songs. + the "love" between Brian and Stefan... or was it written Stephan? or Steffan? LOL dont know... Brian is more like... in my spotlight. love them

I own every single album they have and every rare songs and all... haha. i am a good fan yeah baby... *puts on dark glasses*

favy album maybe?: its... without you i'm nothing and Sleeping with ghosts... oh gosh no I canno decide...
favy song: the same. cant decide. all great

however. love to see more here. and i might sound bitchy or stupid but i am not. i am nice. just to let you know ... gosh... WHO THE HELL does say something like THAT in her introduction... lol. however. I wont delete it.

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