Subject and Counter-Subject (thememily) wrote in placebo_love,
Subject and Counter-Subject

Just a little intro

Hello my darlings, I thought I'd give you a quick intro.
To state the obvious I'm a complete Placebo fan. I'd give anything to spend just five minutes with the boys. BMM's my favorite album...but I love all the albums and I wouldn't be able to choose which song I love the most.
I'm 16 (in 13 days oh god it's so exciting) and I live in Melbourne, Australia. And, until someone corrects me, there are hardly any 'cebo fans in Australia -_-
I listen to a pretty wide range of music, but I just can't understand how people can sit in their cars listening to doof-doof music.

I'll leave you with a cute pic of the boys in the early days.
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